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born 14.10.1982. in Sombor. Graduated on Northwood University Michighan (USA) 2008. and that same year employed in company M.J. Maillis Group Belgrade as regional sales manager. In the begining 2009. He transfer in Meteor Komerc Sombor, again on position of sales manager. In june 2011 appointed as CEO of Agricom. 


born 22.05.1961. in Sombor. Graduated on Faculty of Economics 1984. in Subotica. Since 1986. employed in „Kamenko Gagrčin“ JSC.  In same company, in year 1993. was appointed as CEO and that duty exercised up to year 2010. In 2011. He founded Agricom.


born 13.09.1959. in Sombor. Graduated on Faculty of Economics 1991. in Subotica. 1986. employed in "Podravka" JSC as salesman. Since 1991. up to 2011. employed to company "Rodić MB" Kula as a manager of sales sector. Since 2012. employed in Agricom as financial manager.

Agricom company group PLC was founded 07.03.2011. in Sombor. Main activity of company is purchase, trading and export of grains and oilseeds, so as brokerage representation of other companies in our country and abroad.

Thanks to favorable geographic conditions and place where sphere of our activity is located, we are able to fullfil all demands of our customers. We offer delivery of grains by truck, railway and water routes. According to demands of Buyer, we deliver goods in bulk, bags, jumbo bags, ship and truck containers.

Currently we do not own storage capacities, but for needs of our activities we use storages of our bussines collaboratores in Sombor and whole West Backa area. In short time period, using precise defined strategy of development, with big commitment of all our workers, company managed to take firm position on market of trading and export grains in Serbia, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. At beggining of 2014. Agricom became a full member of "The Grain and Feed Trade Association" - GAFTA.

Today, our company represents unaviodant member of commodity market in Serbia and whole region abroad. Agricom enjoys trust as a stable and reliable buyer to his suppliers in Serbia, so as reliable supplier to his customers in region abroad. Following development trends, company constantly improves its bussines, employees in order to fullfil marekt demands. 

From employees of Agricom you can expect high level of profesionalism and operativity, irrevocable respect of all deals, keeping bussines secrets, safety and understanding. We are not people who take care only for its own benefit – our goal is that trough our buyer/client interes fullfil our targets.

Any way, the doors of our company are wide open for any shape of benefit cooperarion. We firmly beleive that the biggest value of modern companies are people who work in them, and our working people are ready to handle with all situations wich carries present and future times.